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Jan 1, 2013


General RIP UDP-520 2 message types; - Request Message (used to ask neighbours to send updates) Response Message (Carries an update) Metric is hop-count On startup RIP broadcasts a request message packet out

Sep 24, 2011

Frame Relay

Frame relay is; High Performance WAN protocol Layer 2 Originally designed for use in ISDN links but now for a variety of others Packet Switched Types of Frame Relay Point-to-point; L2-L3 mapping not

May 30, 2011

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Versions commonly used;- SNMPv1 – RFC 1157 - SNMPv2c (an extension to SNMPv2 to allow for communities) – RFC 1901, RFC 1905, and RFC 1906 - SNMPv3 (provides mechnism to encrypt and authenticate) –  RFCs

Jan 10, 2011

MPLS Configuration

Mandatory Enable CEF switching Configure LDP on every label-enabled interface Optional Configure MPLS ID Configure MTU size for labelled packets Configure IP TTL propagation Configure conditional label advertising Config mpls ldp router-id interface

Jan 9, 2011

PHP (Penultimate Hop Popping)

A label is removed on the router before the last hop within an MPLS domain. PHP optimises MPLS performance (one less LFIB lookup) PHP does not work on ATM (Virtual Path Identifiers/virtual

Nov 29, 2010


Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD) is a Cisco proprietary extension that lives to detect miss-configured and broken links between Cisco switches. It verifies that they can both send and receive data on a point-to-point

Nov 21, 2010

Loop Guard

To prevent loops that might develop if a port that should be blocking transitions to the forwarding state we have loop guard. This could happen if a port stops receiving BPDUs, maybe due

Nov 9, 2010

CCIE R&S v4.0 Blueprint

The CCIE Routing & Switching blueprint can be see below, the topics that I have covered as part of my study will have hyper-links off to the corresponding post.  This is very much