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Jan 10, 2017

New year ....... blah blah blah

New year ....... blah blah blah

After lots of thought and consideration I decided to leave Cisco at the end of last year. It wasn't easy, especially because of some of the people I had been working with! However

Mar 19, 2015

What is UCS Director?

As part of my day job I create demos and run demos for UCS Director (UCSD), but what is UCSD? Its focus is on providing IaaS type capabilities (I some times refer to

Mar 24, 2013

VDC (Virtual Device Contexts)

VDC (Virtual Device Contexts)

The Nexus 7000 supports VDC. VDC allows the partitioning of a single physical device into multiple logical devices.The logical separation provides the following benefits; Admin and management separation Change and failure domain

Mar 24, 2013

OTV (Overlay Transport Virtulisation)

Overlay Transport Virtulisation (OTV) is currently a feature on the Nexus 7000 product (M1 modules) range that provides DCI (Data Center Interconnect). It allows multiple data centers to be linked together and extends

Mar 24, 2013


I probably should have made notes on the Cisco Nexus platform and its features when I first started playing with them back in 2010/2011, it would have saved me running over it

Jan 8, 2013


Network statement does not control what networks are being advertised but instead what interfaces are running EIGRP process Uses protocol number 88 Multicast to (TTL=0) Receiving neighbour unicasts

Jan 7, 2013


In a small hub and spoke (where spokes are stubs) you could use On Demand Routing (ODR) to achieve full readability between sites. ODR uses CDP as its transport . CDP versions must match.

Jan 3, 2013


To configure HTTP on Cisco IOS; ip http server ip http access-class <ACL> ip http authentication aaa aaa authentication login default local ip http max-connections <number> ip http port

Jan 2, 2013


Provides gateway redundancy by using a singe IP and multiple MAC Can be 4 routers in a group Group members communicate to on UDP-3222 Hello messages sent every 3

Jan 2, 2013

VRRP (Cisco)

interface fa0/1 vrrp 1 ip vrrp 1 priority 200 vrrp 1 advertise #advertisement timer in seconds vrrp 1 timer learn #learns timer from master router vrrp 1 authentication

Jan 1, 2013

TCL ping

I useful method to script the pinging of multiple IP addresses; tclsh foreach address {} {ping $address repeat 2} tclquit

Jan 1, 2013


General RIP UDP-520 2 message types; - Request Message (used to ask neighbours to send updates) Response Message (Carries an update) Metric is hop-count On startup RIP broadcasts a request message packet out