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Jan 8, 2013


Network statement does not control what networks are being advertised but instead what interfaces are running EIGRP process Uses protocol number 88 Multicast to (TTL=0) Receiving neighbour unicasts

Jan 7, 2013


In a small hub and spoke (where spokes are stubs) you could use On Demand Routing (ODR) to achieve full readability between sites. ODR uses CDP as its transport . CDP versions must match.

Jan 2, 2013


Provides gateway redundancy by using a singe IP and multiple MAC Can be 4 routers in a group Group members communicate to on UDP-3222 Hello messages sent every 3

Jan 2, 2013

VRRP (Cisco)

interface fa0/1 vrrp 1 ip vrrp 1 priority 200 vrrp 1 advertise #advertisement timer in seconds vrrp 1 timer learn #learns timer from master router vrrp 1 authentication

Jan 1, 2013

RIP Configuration

The following are the various RIP configuration commands on Cisco routers. Notes on RIP can be found here. RIP router rip network #subnet to advertise/enable RIP on passive-interface #dont send/process updates

Jan 1, 2013


General RIP UDP-520 2 message types; - Request Message (used to ask neighbours to send updates) Response Message (Carries an update) Metric is hop-count On startup RIP broadcasts a request message packet out