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Jan 12, 2011

MPLS VRF Configuration

VRF Configuration tasks; Create a VRF table Assign RD to the VRF Specify export and import route targets (optional) Configure a VPN ID Assign interfaces to VRFs Commands; (config)# ip vrf <name&

Jan 10, 2011

MPLS Configuration

Mandatory Enable CEF switching Configure LDP on every label-enabled interface Optional Configure MPLS ID Configure MTU size for labelled packets Configure IP TTL propagation Configure conditional label advertising Config mpls ldp router-id interface

Jan 9, 2011

PHP (Penultimate Hop Popping)

A label is removed on the router before the last hop within an MPLS domain. PHP optimises MPLS performance (one less LFIB lookup) PHP does not work on ATM (Virtual Path Identifiers/virtual