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Jan 12, 2016

TechHuddle - Cross Architecture

TechHuddle - Cross Architecture

Introduction As part of a small working group I have been working on how to demonstrate some of the Cisco solutions from a cross-architectural perspective. If you are not familiar with the internal

Dec 20, 2015

UCS Director and Cisco Spark

UCS Director and Cisco Spark

I have been looking to show how UCSD can integrate with various tools and their API's, I had an idea for Cisco Spark (collaboration tool) a while back and have been waiting for

Aug 21, 2015

UCS Director - MSP Mode

So what does MSP/Service Provider feature (Managed Service Provider) give me with UCS Director, I've see the option when I am in the system configuration (Administration->System->Service Provider Features)

Jun 19, 2015

UCS Director - SSH Task

If you have a legacy device you want to manage via UCS Director that doesn't have any richer way (API etc.) to be interacted with or an out of the box task commands

May 24, 2015

JavaScript development

JavaScript development

During development of code it is sometimes useful to test syntax using an interpreter. Depending on what you are developing will depend on which method best suits you. I thought I would run

May 23, 2015

What's a UCS Director VDC

This can be a confusing concept in UCS Director, mainly because people have preconceptions of what a VDC (Virtual Data Centre) is due to multiple uses of the acronym. Personally I would have

May 1, 2015

Deploy VM with Storage Options

Lets say you offer a number of storage locations that VM's can be deployed to within your organisation or as part of a service offering, for example; Gold (Expensive, top of the line)

Apr 4, 2015

UCSD VM Custom Button

In UCS Director you get a number of context based options for day to day operations. An example of this is, either from end-user or admin view, the lifecycle management functions when browsing

Mar 20, 2015

UCS Director API

One of the great features of UCS Director is its Rest API. This is key if you want to interact with it programmatically or integrate with other products (like Prime Service Catalog, which

Mar 19, 2015

What is UCS Director?

As part of my day job I create demos and run demos for UCS Director (UCSD), but what is UCSD? Its focus is on providing IaaS type capabilities (I some times refer to